May 6, 2021

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Why the Dallas Cowboys need to keep looking to the…

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Why the Dallas Cowboys need to keep looking to the...

Amidst rumors of a Dallas Cowboys legend possibly playing for a rival, it’s time for America’s Team to move forward and stop looking towards the past.

Two Saturdays ago, the news broke that the Dallas Cowboys finally made a move towards the future. Removing Jason Garrett from his head coaching post was a decade in the making.

Whatever happens in 2020, there will be a freshness to the season that has not been felt in quite some time around these parts.

This should be just the tip of the iceberg. If replacing a coach who had ruled the roost for a decade can be done, certainly there could be equally pillar-shaking moves.

This weekend, another rumor surrounded the Dallas Cowboys. This one, effecting an all-time franchise legend.

Shortly after the New York Giants signed Garrett to be their offensive coordinator, rumors swirled that another Dallas Cowboys stalwart might join him. Could future Hall of Famer Jason Witten really take his talents to New Jersey?

Whether he does or not, one thing is certain. The 2020 Dallas Cowboys roster should not include Jason Witten.

To be fair, there was not much drop off from a statistical standpoint in regards to Witten after coming out of retirement. In 2019, Witten caught 63 balls for 560 yards and four touchdowns. In the previous four years, he averaged 68 receptions, 662 yards, and four touchdowns.

These numbers aren’t terrible, especially considering that the player putting them up will be 38-years old in May. That, however, is the biggest issue.

Witten, while still effective at times, is no longer a threat. The yards per game, yards per target and yards after catch have all trended downward over the past three seasons. In 2019, he did not break one single tackle. Witten produced just 2.6 yards after the catch and also had six drops, a career-high.

Heading into 2020, the Dallas Cowboys have just one tight end under contract. 2018 fourth-round draft Dalton Schultz is the lone option at this time. Fellow tight end Blake Jarwin is a restricted free agent.

Due to the return of Witten last year, both of these guys lost a huge opportunity to grow and develop. Because of this, the Dallas Cowboys do not really know what they have at this spot.

This fact should not force the team’s hand, however. It is time for Jason Witten and the Dallas Cowboys to part ways. If Witten can get a contract elsewhere, good for him. If he goes back into retirement and tries his hand at coaching, even better.

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All good things eventually come to an end. Seeing Witten in another uniform is not what anyone besides, maybe, Jason Witten wants. Regardless, the No. 82 deserves to be left in the past.

Why the Dallas Cowboys need to keep looking to the future

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