December 3, 2021

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With a Ron Rivera reunion out, where will Cam…

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New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles

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The most obvious dot-connecting process in the aftermath of Tuesday’s news that the Patriots had cut Cam Newton led to Washington. WFT coach Ron Rivera quickly shot that down.

So where will Newton go? The folks at the PointsBet sportsbook have set the odds as to the next team for which Newton will take a snap.

The Cowboys and Washington (despite Rivera’s comments) are co-favorites at +550. Next come the Steelers and Colts at +600, following by the Ravens, Texans, and Dolphins at +800.

The Panthers are next at +1000, along with the Lions. The Cardinals, Vikings, and Jets come in at +1200, with the Titans, Bengals, and Seahawks rounding out the list at +1500.

The proposition isn’t his next team. It’s the next team for which he actually plays. For most of the options listed above, that will require an injury. Newton’s best move could be to wait, then, for an injury to happen. It would keep him from having to be a backup, and it would prevent any regret that would arise if, for example, he signs with one team and another team’s starter promptly gets injured.

There has been no immediate buzz regarding a team that would want to sign him quickly. Given that teams were otherwise occupied yesterday with cutting rosters and are busy today with associated moves, it’s no surprise. However, Newton was the starter for the Patriots only nine days ago. It’s hard to imagine him being and remaining unemployed for very long.

With a Ron Rivera reunion out, where will Cam Newton go?