February 26, 2021

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XFL’s Wildcats fire ex-Giant Pepper Johnson after…

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XFL’s Wildcats fire ex-Giant Pepper Johnson after...

The XFL officially returned over the weekend, providing some post-NFL football for anyone who desired it and, all things considered, their re-launch was relatively successful.

Crowds of around 20,000 lined each stadium throughout the weekend as the XFL out-did the now defunct AAF in ticket sales before a single play had even been run. Meanwhile, the rule changes were intriguing and added to the game, while the football itself wasn’t half bad.

Was it NFL-level football? No, but it was also the first go-around after just a few months of these teams being together.

Ultimately, the XFL may have some staying power…

XFL's Wildcats fire ex-Giant Pepper Johnson after just one game

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