June 21, 2021

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Yes, it’s all my fault – ProFootballTalk

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Yes, it’s all my fault – ProFootballTalk

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The forecast calls for a high of 38 degrees on Sunday in Kansas City. That does not bode well for Raiders quarterback Derek Carr based on his history in cold weather.

When the game-time temperature is below 40 degrees, Carr is 0-4, completing 51 percent of his passes, averaging 152 yards a game and throwing three touchdowns and four interceptions.

Carr’s former coach, Jack Del Rio, pointed that out on Twitter this week.

Carr, who played for Del Rio for three seasons, responded Wednesday.

“Jack was there with me a couple of those times,” Carr said, smiling, via Scott Bair of NBCSportsBayArea.com. “I used to think it was a team game. But yes, it’s all my fault, and I take full responsibility.”

Del Rio offered a follow-up tweet, doubling down on his initial statement after reading Carr’s reply: “It is definitely a team game and I’m hoping DC comes thru, plays well and helps his team earn a piece of 1st place in the AFC west! But the fact remains he hasn’t played well in cold weather #LetsGo.”

Derek Carr responds to Jack Del Rio’s criticism: Yes, it’s all my fault

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