July 28, 2021

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You’ve Got Mail: Constant Camp Evaluation

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You've Got Mail: Constant Camp Evaluation

“Hi, Darren. In this unique camp setting do the players feel more or less comfortable with remaining on the roster? A cut can come at any time and Steve Keim would need to decide on replacing the player. Do you think coaches are going to start focusing on the players in camp to advise on who is on a bubble for Keim? And, what are the cutdown dates, if any? I know the practice squad is expanding allowing young players a chance to stay with a team, but will the overall roster increase, too?”

I don’t know why they’d feel less comfortable remaining on the roster, because otherwise you don’t have a job. If you were that concerned about COVID, I’d have think you would’ve opted out. Camp is so short — and padded practices so few — I don’t think they are that far yet down the road. This is a big week, as is next week, to sort through stuff. As for the cuts, as of now, they go on as planned, which is technically Sept. 5. The roster is still set for 53, with the ability to promote two off practice squad on game days, and the PS will be expanded to 16 this season.

From Alan N. via azcardinals.com:


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