August 4, 2021

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You’ve Got Mail: Tumultuous Time In America

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You've Got Mail: The Bye Week

“Hi Darren. This is a woulda-shoulda question, so no biggie. Do you think there’s any regret with how the Tyrann Mathieu relationship fell apart? It was understandable at the time. Guy was highly paid, and it was to be determined whether he could stay healthy going forward. Well he did stay healthy and is looking like his All-Pro self these days. As Cardinals fans we cant help but feel a little regret, because you just imagine what this defense would be if our two safeties were Tyrann + Budda. That would be something to behold. And throw Simmons into the trio? Googily moogily.”

I’m not sure you’d have two smaller safeties like Mathieu and Baker. But overall, when you say the “relationship” fell apart, I don’t see it that way. Tyrann was understandably upset, but the Cardinals made a financial decision based on the situation they had. As a person, as a guy in the locker room, the Cardinals always loved Mathieu. They were cautious after he had torn his ACLs twice. It’s not like they didn’t try to keep him, albeit with a paycut. Tyrann bet on himself and won big, both monetarily and with a ring. You always want to see the happy endings with all the fan favorites. Most of the time, on most teams, that doesn’t happen.

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