August 2, 2021

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You’ve Got Mail: Waiting For Answers

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You've Got Mail: The Bye Week

“Hi Darren. So this possibility of a ‘no fans’ season has me worried about contracts. No fans, no gate money. However, all teams would still receive their TV money right? That should cover payroll. These networks make billions airing NFL games. The thing I’m worried about is Hop’s new deal, and PP and Budda and Fitz. These guys obviously are lined up for deals. Can we not pay them and thus risk losing them? Or should we not worry about losing them, because no other team can afford them either?”

I wish I had some answers in this regard. You touch on a couple of different things here. Yes, fewer or no fans will impact the salary cap. There will be TV money as long as there are games to televise, and that is indeed the biggest part of the income. But a loss of gate revenue isn’t insignificant and it will absolutely mess with the cap — although that is something the NFL and NFLPA have to negotiate, and with the new CBA, they do have flexibility to spread any short-term pain over a longer span. There is no way to know exactly how this will play out, although I think it’ll still mean the players the organizations absolutely want to keep, they will find a way.

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