September 27, 2021

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Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow “as advertised” during…

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Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow "as advertised" during...

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The move to remote offseason programs this offseason made for an unusual transition to NFL life for first overall pick Joe Burrow, but Bengals head coach Zac Taylor feels it was a productive one.

Taylor discussed how the program unfolded with Albert Breer of and said it included walkthroughs of plays that involved center Trey Hopkins making blocking calls before Burrow checked to see if the team needed to get out of the play before calling the cadence.

Once that was down, Taylor would call Burrow with a play call that he’d then relate to the team. Taylor said that it was important to hear Burrow go through those calls “so you could make the corrections that he can work on all summer.”

“He’s been great,” Taylor said. “As advertised is the best way to put it. You can tell he spends a lot of time on his own being prepared with questions and he’s doing a great job taking ownership, which is important for a quarterback to do, and he’s doing everything he can to own this offense. Been really impressed with him, but not surprised.”

The next step for Burrow is a big one as the Bengals have a lot of on-field work to catch up on this summer, but there doesn’t appear to be any doubt in Cincinnati about his ability to handle it.

Zac Taylor: Joe Burrow “as advertised” during offseason work

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