September 26, 2021

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Zac Taylor wanted a safety after Tre’Davious…

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Zac Taylor wanted a safety after Tre’Davious...

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After Tre’Davious White picked off Andy Dalton with 12 seconds left to seal the Bills’ victory, Bengals coach Zac Taylor went crazy on the sideline.

It turns out Taylor wanted the Bengals awarded a safety, apparently not understanding the rule about a player giving himself up.

“I was looking for a safety, but I guess he declared himself down just because he gets up and runs around,” Taylor said, via Jay Morrison of “That is what we were all yelling for, was to get the safety and get the ball back.”

White went to the ground after his pick, as he should have. He was never touched by a Bengals player, but he didn’t need to be.

White jumped up and ran into his own end zone and then through his own end zone as teammates mobbed him.

During the commotion, Bengals offensive tackle Bobby Hart made contact with an official, earning an ejection.

“I just went out there and asked him, ‘Is he down?’” Hart said. “When I ran up to [the official], I shocked him, and he just threw the flag. I don’t remember touching him. I didn’t think I touched him.”

Zac Taylor wanted a safety after Tre’Davious White’s interception

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