July 27, 2021

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Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa lashes out at ‘d–ks’ who…

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Zach Wilson's mom Lisa lashes out at 'd--ks' who...

Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa sent a cuss-filled PSA to whoever stole her purse at a wedding she helped plan for her daughter.

The Jets rookie quarterback’s mother took to Instagram on Monday to call out the alleged thief or thieves who apparently got away with her bag.

“Everybody’s asking me if my bag was ever turned in — no. As much as I wanted to believe that the world was all good, there are apparently d–ks out there,” she said.

Lisa did mention she’s grateful she removed her wallet and lip liners from the purse before it was “apparently stolen.”

“So, hope you guys enjoy my Mo’Bettah’s food, and my DJ and all the fun that I provided for you as you stole my purse and walked out. Screw you.”

In the same rant, Lisa claimed there were other lewd acts that occurred at her daughter’s nuptials.

“I have no words. There are so many d–ks in the world, I just cannot believe it. So, come to find out, we know of at least one card that had a check that was stolen at the wedding,” she claimed, before calling out the “big, stupid, thief.”

Lisa added that “some d–k’s been ordering Door Dash on my credit card for a month.”

Before admitting she was “grumpy and pissed off over the situation,” Lisa added, “Screw you d–ks out there.”

In a series of other videos, Lisa requested whoever stole her purse to “drive by the wedding house and you’re just gonna fling it out the window on the front porch. No one will know it’s you.

“We will not look for you. I promise you.”

The outspoken NFL mom said, despite the unfortunate series of events, she’s trying to “muster up some love to remember there’s good people in the world.”

Lisa’s known for her bubbly presence on social media, which includes posts about her love for dancing and throwing parties.

In May, she switched her Instagram profile from public to private after she received backlash for a rant about a bad experience at Disney.