January 18, 2022

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2022 Hall of Fame Finalists Announced

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2022 Hall of Fame Finalists Announced

NFL Week 17 – The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its 15 2022 finalists on Thursday afternoon. Here’s a thread to discuss who will be the five players selected to enter Canton. The 2022 finalists are:

  • WR Torry Holt
  • WR Andre Johnson
  • WR Reggie Wayne
  • OT Willie Anderson
  • OT Tony Boselli
  • DE/DT Richard Seymour
  • DE/DT Bryant Young
  • DE Jared Allen
  • OLB DeMarcus Ware
  • MLB Sam Mills
  • MLB Zach Thomas
  • MLB Patrick Willis
  • CB Ronde Barber
  • SAF LeRoy Butler
  • PR/KR Devin Hester

I’m very surprised that Steve Smith did not make it to the finalist round in his first year of eligibility. I would gladly put Steve Smith into the Hall of Fame ahead of Devin Hester.

I think that this is LeRoy Butler’s year. He’s the one guy from this list I’m pretty sure makes it in. He’s been waiting a long time and pretty much everyone agrees that he deserves it. My guess is there will also be one player per position to try to break the logjams. One wide receiver, I’m guessing it’s Holt’s turn first. One defensive lineman, probably Seymour. One middle linebacker, I would go with Willis. And I think DeMarcus Ware makes it in on his first try. So that’s my five: Butler, Holt, Seymour, Ware, and Willis. Plus the senior finalist Cliff Branch, contributor finalist Art McNally, and coach finalist Dick Vermeil. Who do you have?