Falcons’ Drake London finds unique way to improve ball security as ex-first-round WR enters Year 2

Ball protection is crucial in the NFL, and it’s one area Atlanta Falcons former first-round wide receiver Drake London is prioritizing this offseason.

During OTAs, while the Falcons went off to work on special teams, London would not follow suit. Instead, he joined ex-NFL quarterback and current Atlanta WRs coach T. J. Yates for 1-on-1 practice, during which Yates would attempt to punch the ball out any way he could. London would also throw the ball in the air, as if he was catching the ball, and the coach would hit him with a large red pad. 

Yates joked about their drills, saying it is a way for him to get his anger out.

“That’s just an opportunity for me to let out my aggression a little bit,” Yates said, laughing (via the Falcons’ official website). 

London explained that he hits the ball “hard enough to knock the ball out, but not to knock my wind out.”

The former first-round draft pick fumbled three times in 2022, all recovered by the defense, so ball security is something he can benefit from working on. The 21-year-old wants to put those moments in the past, rather than make…


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