Jason Kelce admits “I didn’t handle things properly” in Eagles-Colts brawl

Today’s Eagles-Colts joint practice was called off when a brawl broke out between the two teams, and Eagles center Jason Kelce took the blame afterward.

The brawl started when Kelce took a shot at Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin in response to a hit Franklin put on Eagles running back Kenneth Gainwell. Kelce told reporters after practice that he shouldn’t have reacted that way.

“I think tensions just got the better of me,” Kelce said, via the Delaware County Journal. “That certainly doesn’t belong out there on the field. And just, a little bit of shame that it got to that level, that I did what I did. . . . I think I didn’t handle things properly at the end.”

Kelce said Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni told the players afterward that the team can’t lose control like that.

“You want to play this game with emotion and intensity, but you can’t obviously let your emotion take control and cause you to do something, that’ll hurt the team in the long run,” Kelce said Sirianni told the team.

The teams will not practice tomorrow. They will meet on Thursday night in the preseason finale.


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