Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract gives Raiders protection against QBs injured foot, per report

The contract Jimmy Garoppolo signed with the Las Vegas Raiders gives the franchise some protection against the quarterback’s injured left foot, according to a report.

Pro Football Talk obtained a copy of Garoppolo’s Raiders contract and reported that it contains a waiver and release clause, Addendum G, that is located at the very end of the deal.

According to PFT, the clause states that Garoppolo, who broke his foot in a Week 13 game in December while a member of the San Francisco 49ers, would not pass the physical required to certify the contract “because of a preexisting medal and middle cuneiform and a fracture of the base of the second metatarsal in the Player’s left foot and that the Club would not enter into an NFL Player Contract with Player.”

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New Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo speaks to the media at Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center in Henderson, Nevada on March 17, 2023.

The addendum, however, offers Las Vegas the protection to terminate the contract without having to pay Garoppolo “for any reason related to the Waiver and Release attached as Addendum G.”

The addendum also clears the Raiders of any liability related to Garoppolo’s future health, per PFT, and Garoppolo assumes all risks of continuing to play, including the chance of “permanent disability” related to the foot injury.

“Player also understands that such condition has decreased his ability to play professional football and that continuing to play professional football may result in deterioration, aggravation, or re-injury of the existing conditions rendering Player physically unable to perform the services that would be required of Player by an NFL Player Contract,” the waiver reads, according to Pro Football Talk.

The addendum also states that Garoppolo waives his right to make any claims against the Raiders, the NFL or anyone else involved with any matter related to the foot injury. All…


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