September 27, 2021

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Josh McDaniels taking ‘duration of day’ to…

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Josh McDaniels taking 'duration of day' to...

A few weeks ago, it looked as though Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was going to stick with the team for another year. Though a total of seven head coaching vacancies opened up after Week 17, he didn’t receive a sniff of interest after his offense, led by Cam Newton, ranked near the bottom of the league in every major statistical category.

However, that narrative flipped on its head when the Eagles impulsively fired Doug Pederson after he disclosed his frustrations about essentially being the front office’s puppet and fall guy. A couple of calls and interview requests later and McDaniels was identified as one of the lead candidates for that job.

While McDaniels is reportedly competing with four other candidates, John Clark of NBC Sports Philly reported that his interview with the Eagles started around brunch time on Sunday morning and lasted past 9 p.m. ET (!).

If this doesn’t indicate that McDaniels is being seriously considered for the job, then we’re honestly not sure what does. Fans in New England have been pushing for someone else to call the shots on offense after the group’s abysmal showing this past season, but his departure would leave a gaping hole on head coach Bill Belichick’s staff.

McDaniels has stressed on multiple occasions this year that he would love to become a head coach again, and while Philly might not be the most appealing job out there given their quarterback situation, minimal salary cap space in 2021, and lack of talent at wide receiver, this latest update  suggests he would take it in a heartbeat if they made him an offer.

As things stand, it’s looking like McDaniels will either become the Eagles’ new head coach or return to the Patriots for his 13th season as offensive coordinator, because reports suggest he isn’t being considered for the Texans’ vacancy amid their ongoing search and controversy.

Stay tuned for updates, Patriots fans, because this process could evolve quickly if McDaniels managed to make a lasting impression during his ridiculously long interview.

Josh McDaniels taking ‘duration of day’ to interview with Eagles could signal departure