NFL Week 10 odds, picks, best bets: Steelers cover vs. Packers; Lions, Jaguars keep rolling after bye weeks

There are many obnoxious things about the 17-game season the NFL crams down our throats. It flies in the face of player safety, it’s a blatant soft springboard to an 18-game season, and it completely changed all the historical data points for NFL records. 

But nothing is more annoying than the fact we no longer have an actual midpoint of the NFL season. I don’t know why it drives me so crazy, but it does. I’m not anal retentive by any stretch. 

However, not having the quarter pole and the midpoint and the three-quarter mark of the NFL season clearly delineated drives me absolutely crazy. Just move to 18 games already so we can get a nice even number once again.

The record books are already ruined, let us get some damn symmetry please. To the Week 10 picks! 

“Ah, [bleep], here we go again.” Why can’t I quit backing this terrible Carolina Panthers team? I hate them. They’re terrible. They can’t throw the ball down the field. They can’t really run the ball effectively. They can’t protect Bryce Young. Brian Burns is out Thursday and the injury report is massive. It’s all quite frustrating! But the Bears aren’t good either. And the Tyson Bagent Cinderella Story can’t roll on forever. Or maybe it ended two weeks ago when Bagent started dishing out interceptions like Halloween candy? He’s got five picks in the last two games, and the Panthers defense should be able to limit this offense enough, although I am petrified of the D.J. Moore Revenge Game™️. 

The Ravens are rolling right now and getting up for big games. They’re one of three teams since the NFL merger in 1970 to win three straight games against teams with a winning record by 24-plus points. (The Bills also did it this season, but in the first four weeks of the season, so it deserves an asterisk since they got a 1-0 Raiders team, etc.) The Ravens smoked Cleveland once on the road and blistered good Lions and Seahawks teams…


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