July 30, 2021

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N’Keal Harry’s projected trade value is pretty sad

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N'Keal Harry's projected trade value is pretty sad

The New England Patriots are held in the highest of regards around the NFL, and understandably so, given they’ve won more titles (six) than any other team.

For a team that’s achieved more success in two decades than some franchises have throughout their entire existence, there isn’t much you can hold against the Patriots.

However, if there’s one thing New England deserves endless scorn for, it’s how they’ve found it impossible to nab a productive wide receiver in the early rounds of the draft.

Seriously. How?

Unfortunately for the Patriots, another wideout likely bit the proverbial dust this weekend, as N’Keal Harry requested a trade after a forgettable first two seasons.

What’s even more unfortunate? Harry’s reported trade value. Per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, who’s recently spoken to a league executive, the 2019 first-round selection is projected to be worth as little as a conditional sixth-round draft pick.

Patriots WR N’Keal Harry’s reported trade value is sad, but not surprising.

This is the absolute last thing Patriots fans wanted to hear after Harry’s trade request, though there’s a silver lining to be had in that he should receive interest. Then again, what team wouldn’t take a flier on a talented young receiver for nothing more than a late-round draft pick?

Should…should the Patriots just disregard the request and try to shuffle him onto the roster if the value’s that low?

On top of that, Fowler’s insight into the fit Harry’s looking for was particularly damning and really encapsulated why he didn’t contribute much with the Pats. The fact a “speed-and-precision offense” won’t fit the third-year pro’s skillset means he’ll have limited options.

Is that not the direction NFL offenses have transitioned in recent years? That isn’t to say Harry has no place being in the league or won’t find success eventually, but this report just further condemns New England’s decision to draft him as early as they did in 2019.

Whether it be coaching or finding loopholes in the NFL’s handbook, the decorated Bill Belichick is also a master on the trade front. If you look at this track record, there’s a laundry list of examples where the longtime de facto general manager fleeced teams in a trade.

That isn’t going to happen with Harry. In fact, Fowler’s report confirms Belichick not only blew drafting Harry, but that winning a potential trade for him will almost be impossible.

Think about it like this. Any team that acquires Harry, assuming Fowler’s intel is accurate, would be giving up the absolute minimum for a former first-round talent. It’d be a low-risk maneuver that has significant upside given Harry’s age (23) and overall pedigree (in…some aspects).

Assuming a trade ultimately comes to fruition, Patriots fans should be hoping the team hits on whatever draft pick they acquire in the deal. If they don’t and Harry ends up producing for another contender, this could be an all-time bad look for the NFL’s most decorated franchise.

Patriots: N’Keal Harry’s projected trade value is pretty sad