Rutgers football is ‘closer to being a bowl program now than they were when Schiano took over three years ago’

Rutgers football, set this fall for its fourth season under Greg Schiano, is heading in the right direction. The rebuild is coming along, albeit slowly, but the program is moving upward.

That was the take from Kristian Dyer of Rutgers Wire appeared on Dave Smith’s national show on CBS Sports Radio on Sunday morning to talk Big Ten football and conference expansion. But the first question was to key in on Rutgers and talk about the status of the program’s rebuild for a national audience.

Two dozen affiliates carry CBS Sports Radio and it also is on Sirius XM.

Rutgers has yet to be bowl eligible under Schiano and is looking to take that next step in their development in the next two seasons.

“This was a big rebuild that Greg Schiano took over and for those who remember about 20 years ago, he took over a very similar Rutgers program and it took about four years till when you begin to see things kind of shift and turn a little bit in terms of the rebuilding project,” Dyer said on Sunday morning in his conversation with Dave Smith.

“And then in 2005. his fourth season, they went off to Arizona, they played in the Insight Bowl against Arizona State and narrowly lost that game and then the next year was the ‘Pandemonium in Piscataway’ season when they knocked off Louisville, they finished top 25 in the nation and kind of had that run of bowl games where in the next six years that they made five bowl appearances – winning them all. And  (they)became somewhat of a pipeline of defensive backs and offensive linemen to the NFL, and particularly the New England Patriots.

“It became a more established program. So this is the point now for Schiano -this is year four (but) really you’re at (year) three since his first season was the pandemic season.

“But they’re starting to refill that pipeline. They’re…


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