Trojans Wire joins national YouTube show to discuss USC athletic director job

The USC Trojans need a new athletic director. They still haven’t appointed an interim or acting athletic director (as of Wednesday morning). So, any exploration of the candidates, the big board, and the various categories of candidates is still relevant and timely for any USC fan.

We looked at some of the dimensions of the USC athletic director search, and we also analyzed both the downfall of Mike Bohn and his undeniable talent in hiring great sports coaches for USC athletics, in our newest live show with Mark Rogers at The Voice of College Football.

We also looked at the mess in the Big Ten with its television deal and how former commissioner Kevin Warren seemed to get out while the going was good. He did not leave behind an orderly and fully aligned situation, but as we note on the show, the checks are going to cash for the conference’s TV deals, and that’s why Warren will not be severely punished for his sloppy management.

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