May 25, 2022

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USFL won’t be disclosing names of available…

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USFL won't be disclosing names of available...

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On Tuesday and Wednesday, each of the eight teams of USFL 2.0 will acquire the rights to 35 players who have already signed contracts with the league. So who are the eligible players? Officially, we don’t know. And we won’t know.

The USFL won’t be disclosing the list of available players in advance of the draft. Thus, we won’t know who they are until their names are called next week.

A report has emerged listing the names of many of the available players. Few if any names jump off the page. Maybe that’s why the USFL isn’t listing the names in advance.

Regardless, we’ll know 280 names within the next five days. And some of those players will become better known once the resurrected league starts playing games in April.

USFL won’t be disclosing names of available players before next week’s draft