What does Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy think of college football technology, rule changes?

STILLWATER — Mike Gundy is never short on opinions.

And this offseason, college football is not short on impactful rule changes.

So the Oklahoma State coach has thoughts on the new technology and guidelines coming to the game this season.

The three most notable rule changes are:

Two-minute warning time stoppages at the end of each half, like the NFL.

In-helmet communication devices for a coach to speak to a player on the field.

Tablets on the sidelines for teams to review in-game video.

Particularly when it comes to using technology, Gundy has been a vocal proponent of improving what is available to college programs.

He suggested last year the need for an in-helmet communication system amid the Michigan sign-stealing scandal.

Still, he feels college football ventured into the technological advancement a little too softly with its newest change.

Here’s a look at what Gundy had to say about the three major changes at hand:

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Head coach Mike Gundy runs drills during an Oklahoma State football practice in Stillwater, Okla., on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

Communication device ‘doesn’t do much’

Following the NFL’s footsteps, college football will allow one player on each side of the ball to have an in-helmet communication device so a coach can speak directly to the player until the play clock reaches 15 seconds.

Gundy is excited to see the communication devices brought in, but he doesn’t believe the guidelines are broad enough to impact the game or stop sign stealing.

“In the NFL, they huddle up on both sides of the ball,” Gundy said. “Colleges don’t huddle up. So one ear piece in one player, in my opinion, doesn’t do much for college football on either side of the ball.

“One guy either has to yell what he hears to…


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