Ex-Bills player has wild excuse for playoff loss to Bengals, says snow hurt Buffalo and a dome would’ve helped

Getting a home game in the playoffs is supposed to be a huge advantage for a cold-weathered team like Buffalo, but apparently, that wasn’t the case in January when the visiting Bengals destroyed the Bills in the divisional round. 

At least one Bills player from that game thought the weather was a DISADVANTAGE. Just before the start of the contest, major snowfall hit Western New York, and that snow continued falling for the better part of all four quarters. 

Although you’d think the snow would be an advantage for Buffalo, former Bills receiver Isaiah McKenzie said it actually hurt the team and that the Bills would have been better off if the game had been played indoors. 

“If we were in a dome it would have been a totally different game,” McKenzie said on a recent episode of the “Go Long” podcast with Tyler Dunne.

If you think this sounds like a crazy excuse, so does Ja’Marr Chase. The Bengals receiver, who finished the playoff game with 61 receiving yards and a touchdown, pointed out on Twitter that the Bills game was his FIRST time ever playing in the snow. 

The Bengals jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter before coasting to a 27-10 victory. According to McKenzie, the snow slowed down the Bills’ passing attack, which was a huge problem because Buffalo didn’t exactly have a ground game that could pick up the slack. 

“I’ll tell you this: That snow had a lot to do with it,” McKenzie said of the loss. “Let’s be real, our run game wasn’t the best run game. … We didn’t have a run game, so the snow was a big deal because we pass the ball.”

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