January 22, 2022

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George Kittle and the Evolution of ‘National Tight…

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George Kittle and the Evolution of 'National Tight...

*Of Note, the first 30,000 fans in attendance to the Oct. 27 matchup at Levi’s® Stadium will receive a George Kittle bobblehead.

Despite the appeal of Sunday, the primary commemoration of the day is to acknowledge a mildly unheeded position and group of players, past and present, who continue to revolutionize the game of football.

“I celebrate ‘National Tight End Day’ every Sunday,” Kittle said. “I root for every single tight end across the league to do very, very well because I want to watch tight ends succeed. Except for the one that I’m playing that Sunday. Other than that, I always want tight ends to score as many touchdowns, get as many yards, do great in the run game. I just like seeing the position do really well.”

A simple quip has grown into a league-wide initiative, putting tight ends across the league at the forefront. While fans are well aware of the Rob Gronkowski’s, Antonio Gates’ and Tony Gonzalez’s of the world, to Kittle, “National Tight End Day” is about bringing recognition to the contributions of all tight ends in every facet of the game.


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