May 20, 2022

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New video gives inside look at Tom Brady, Robert…

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New video gives inside look at Tom Brady, Robert...

New England Patriots fans experienced a heavy dose of nostalgia this past season when Tom Brady and the Buccaneers visited Gillette Stadium in Week 4.

Of course, Brady got the last laugh against his former team, but the seven-time champion struggled to unlock Bill Belichick’s defense. Despite a commendable effort from Mac Jones and Co., the Bucs squeaked out a 19-17 victory.

It was a surprisingly competitive game, as the favored Buccaneers were expected to win comfortably over the then-1-2 Patriots. That was a treat in and of itself, but most of the storylines from Brady’s first return to Foxborough since he left as a free agent revolved around what happened before and after the game.

Ultimately, it was reported that Brady and Belichick had a 20-minute conversation in the Buccaneers locker room afterwards.

For any Patriots fans wondering if Brady made time for Robert Kraft, of course he did. As shown in this Bucs’ 2021 season recap trailer, Brady and Kraft had a brief meeting after the legendary quarterback arrived at Gillette.

Tom Brady and Patriots owner Robert Kraft had a moment before their Week 4 matchup this past season.

We’ll hazard a guess and say Brady’s meeting with Belichick wasn’t as wholesome as his pre-game exchange with Kraft. The longtime friends hugged, and Kraft even mustered the courage to say he was proud of Brady, who helped lead Tampa Bay to their first Super Bowl since 2002 the previous season.

Their body language made it clear Brady and Kraft had a lot to get off their chest — mostly positive things, we would think — but Brady asked the cameras for privacy before they moved past their somewhat-awkward embrace.

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Brady and Kraft have great respect for one another. The five-time Super Bowl MVP had myriad reasons to leave New England, but it couldn’t have been easy leaving Kraft behind.

With that said, we can’t help but wonder how welcoming Kraft would’ve been had this meeting transpired after Brady’s retirement announcement, which lasted all of a month. Of course, TB12 failed to mention the Patriots in his Instagram post and Kraft was said to have thrown a temper tantrum after he read it.

Then again, Kraft’s supposed disappointment just speaks to how close he and Brady became during their two decades together. Perhaps Brady or Kraft will one day reveal what was said behind closed doors, but we wouldn’t count it.

Much like his postgame chat with Belichick, it’s a private matter.

All we can do is speculate, but it’s still cool knowing the longtime friends had a moment after Brady’s ugly divorce from the Patriots.

New video gives inside look at Tom Brady, Robert Kraft meeting before Week 4